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Our management

Jens Schwendel - Director product distribution

Primarily responsible for the business units SERCAM®/INCA®, for fincance&controlling, sales, Marketing and staff.  Mr. Schwendel is married and has 3 children. After his training as a banker, he successfully completed his studies in business informatics at the technical university of Chemnitz. From 2005 till 2011 he worked as an employed managing director for the universities of Saxony and helped to establish a central IT service provider. Since october 2011 he took more and more responsibilies at ibes - operative and strategic.

Foto Jens Schwendel (Vorstand)

Jens Schwendel

Tino Müller - Director IT engineering

Primarily responsible for the business unit IT Engineering as well as R&D, Training and properties. Mr. Müller is married and has 2 children. He studied technical informatics in dual education and has been employed with ibes since 1998. Mr. Müller took a leading role in the build-up of the companies business units Tracking & Tracing (SERCAM®) as well as Software development, which he also lead as a division manager for many years. He is also chairmen of the CCI-examination board for qualified IT specialists for system integration.

Foto Tino Müller (Vorstand)

Tino Müller

Supervisory board

Prof. Dr. Reinhardt Nindel
- Chairman of the supervisory board

Lothar Faßmann
- Vice chairman of the supervisory board

Marian Wendt
- Supervisory board

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